The FIP Academy belongs to the International Padel Federation. It organizes and delivers official international courses.

The FIP Academy is directed by a Board of Directors member, who is in charge of its administration and management, and by sub-directors from different educational areas:

Area 1) Instructors, Teachers, Physical Trainers, Technical staff, Coaches, Schools, Academies, etc..;
Area 2) Umpires, Judges, Assistants and Court Officials, Supervisors, etc.;
Area 3) Institutional and Sport Management, Federation, Associations, Club, Event Organization management, etc..

The FIP owns the copyright on all the international courses: International Courses for Instructors and Teachers, International Courses for Physical Trainers, International Courses for Coaches, International Courses for Umpires and Judges, Specialization and Actualization Stages, International Seminars, International Monographs, International Congresses, etc.. These courses make up a package called “Educational FIP activties”; they bolster the technical and cultural level of all the participants and assign international qualification to each category.

The above mentioned Courses, Stages, Seminars, Monographics and Congresses are included in the Official Calendar of the Educational FIP School Activity together with the dates and places where these activities will take place.

Our “mission” is to hold an “Educational FIP Activity” every year, in every country where the National Federation or Association are associated to the FIP.

The FIP owns the copyright on all the documentation used for the development of educational activities, including written documents, printings, texts, drawings, diagrams, photographs, tables, as well as the digital resources such as videos or pictures.


The International Padel Federation would like to inform padel people involved around the world, and the general public, of the following information:

The International Padel Federation does NOT recognise educational or training activities carried out by academies, schools, organisations or individuals, even if these are people linked by professional agreements to affiliated National Federations, anywhere in the world, therefore any information citing the FIP as endorsement of a course of this nature is FALSE.

The International Padel Federation endorses and recognises only the educational activities organised and carried out by FIP member National Federations/Associations.

The only official courses are those given by the National Federations in their own countries, which offer training and work qualification according to national and local legal regulations, and the courses proposed by the FIP together with the National Federations, which are training and/or specialisation courses and do not qualify for the work function. No teachers are endorsed, as they act on behalf of a Federation.

We have detected some confusing, incorrect, and/or even false information about these activities, which forces us to make this statement, which aims to safeguard the interests of padel fans around the world.

In response to queries received regarding courses given, and to be given, by Mr. Jorge Nicolini, member of the Technical Body of the A.P.A. (Asociación de Pádel Argentino), where he indicates that his courses are endorsed by the "International Padel Federation (FIP)". WE INFORM YOU THAT THE FIP DID NOT ENDORSE IN THE PAST NOR DOES IN CURRENTLY ENDORSE ANY COURSE OF Mr. NICOLINI. So that information is completely false. We are also verifying the harm we could have if the information on the recognition of the International Olympic Committee, reported in their communications, were also verified as false.

We do not know Mr. Nicolini's motivations for disseminating this information, but we would like to inform you that the FIP will take the necessary steps to ensure that this type of irregular event does not occur, in order to protect the rights of padel community people.